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We facilitate workshops in schools and colleges based upon a vast range of topics but always with the focus on a positive and creative experience for the children and young people involved.

Ceres Primary School

We delivered a week-long series of workshops at Ceres Primary School, working with children aged 5-11.


The focus of the workshops with younger groups was on creating a character, collaborating in groups and pairs and storytelling with and without words. 


With Primary 6/7 we focussed on facilitating the creation of small in-workshop performances based on their reminiscences as they reached the end of Primary School and looking ahead with excitement and trepidation to the new challenge of High School.

Performance Tie-Ins

Our UK premiere of Once This Is All Over We Still Have To Clear Up not only had specific dementia friendly performances, it will also had a tailored schools performance. This unique show will acted as the conclusion to the workshops we delivered to S3 and S4 pupils across Edinburgh.

Looking at growing up, growing old, friendship, family and the beautiful things in life, the workshops, like the show itself were a sincere, silly and hopeful look at the world we live in.

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