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And Each Other

December 2016 - The Tall Ship, Glasgow/Summerhall, Edinburgh

Ellie and Freya know exactly what makes a good adult:

1) Soar through the sky with an eagle

2) Canter on horseback with a cowboy

3) Save the world with a superhero

4) Swim along the ocean floor with a deep-sea diver

5) Make sure nobody bes mean.


Using puppetry and real interviews with 6 & 7-year-olds And Each Other is an opportunity to learn from the masters about what it takes to be the right kind of grown-up.

Performances at Surge Festival Club @ The Tall Ship & Anatominis @ Summerhall.

Once This Is All Over We Still Have To Clear Up 2015

June 2015 - Teatrul Tony Bulandra, Târgoviște

Balloons and bubbles.

Fears and fancies.

Loss that stings and love that lingers.

And dancing all the wee hours in between.


With live music, movement and poetry - we celebrate all the beautiful things and all we do to make them so.

Once This Is All Over We Still Have To Clear Up brings together actors, musicians, writers and dancers to explore all the milestones that we mark throughout our lives. From birth, to falling in love, and growing old. The biggest and smallest moments that make us laugh, cry and desperate to dance. Funny, heart-warming, heart-breaking and full of energy.


Once This Is All Over We Still Have To Clear Up is a creative and unique new piece of devised theatre. The show was first devised and performed for BabelFest International Theatre Festival 2015 in Târgoviște, Romania.

Once This Is All Over We Still Have To Clear Up 2016

October 2016 - Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

Same show. Remixed.

We couldn't leave this show alone in a far off land, so we decided to bring it home with us for a UK Premiere in The Studio at the Festival Theatre but this time, with a few updates to make sure as many people as possible could enjoy it with us.

We believe theatre is for anyone and everyone so we've teamed up with the Festival Theatre's Forget Me Not group to develop this show to suit people who live with Dementia and their carers as part of the 2016 Luminate Festival. 

We have also had the pleasure of tailoring the show for an audience aged 16-18. Linking up with schools across Edinburgh we will deliver worskhops based on the themes of the show followed by a schools performance for everyone who has participated.

For everyone not lucky enough to fall into one of the above groups, have no fear, we've thought about you too. There will be a public performance of the show especially for you to come and experience a slice of the Once This Is All Over magic!

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